Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Welcome 2016-2017 EE Candidates!

Congratulations on the journey you are about to begin! You will work hard, but you will learn a lot on a topic you are interested in knowing more about and in the process, you will learn valuable extended research skills that will serve you well in college. Are you ready? Let's get started!

1. Join the EE group on remind!

Text @mseshi to 81010

2. Turn in the 2-sided handout Who Will Your Supervisor Be? and What Subject Will You Research?to Ms. Shine by Wednesday, 5/11. 

3. Find sources you will use to conduct your research. Talk to Ms. Bonds about where you might find good sources. And your supervisor too! Consider a trip to the Evergreen library. Meet with your supervisor to go over your Research Proposal BEFORE Wednesday 6/8 and turn in a copy of your Research Proposal to Ms. Shine by Wednesday 6/8. 

4. Wednesday, September 7:  First day of school and deadline for completing your research.  You should take notes in an orderly fashion.  These notes (that serve as proof of your research) must be kept until the awarding of grades in July after you graduate. You must meet with your advisor and show them your notes and all copies of your research documents. Deadline for meeting with supervisor to share research is Wednesday, 9/14.

5. Wednesday, October 19: First 5-6 pages of your first draft due to supervisor and Ms. Shine.

6. Wednesday, November 23:   Deadline for your First Draft.  This is a typed draft, fully cited, Bibliography, Table of Contents, and Abstract.  It is a complete, not a partial draft. Give a copy to both your advisor and Ms. Shine.

7. Wednesday 1/4: Final Draft Due. One copy for your supervisor. One copy to Ms. Shine.

You must show your supervisor all of the following along the way:
-Research Proposal
--First 5 pages
--Research notes shared
--First Draft
--Final Draft

Your supervisor will give feedback on your first draft, but will not make close edits to your paper. That is not their role.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Next Due Date! Proposal

What is included in your proposal:

-Background Information
-Research Question
-Sources for Supporting Evidence and Counter Argument Evidence

Due: Wednesday, June 10. Give a copy to Ms. Shine. Meet with your supervisor to discuss your proposal.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Welcome 2015-2016 EE Candidates!

There will be a meeting on Wednesday 4/29 in Ms. Shine's room (B2) to begin the process for writing your Extended Essay. Congratulations on accepting this rewarding and challenging task!

Here is a link to the EE Guide.

Let's read pgs 2-10 now.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Extended Essay Meeting April, 17, 2014

First, Let's start with an overview!

 Now, Read pages 2-7 of the guide, highlight and taking notes so you're ready for questions. 

 Last, look at the timeline at the front of your binder and record those dates in your planner/organizer.